The Waste, Recycling Industry Association of Queensland Inc, (WRIQ) is the premier industry association in Queensland, representing more than 90 Queensland-based organisations ranging from large multi-national organisations through to small family-operated enterprises. WRIQ engages with its stakeholders and advocates and informs on a wide range of legislative and regulatory issues impacting the industry.

Association members provide two thirds of the 6,432 jobs in the industry and manage more than 70% of an approximate 9 million tonnes of waste and recycling streams per year. Member investments in Queensland exceed $1.5 billion and contribute over $830 million in industry value added to the state economy. Our collective turnover exceeds $2.15 billion annually.

Waste industry members provide 11,835 jobs to Queenslanders (one in every 200 jobs) and contribute 50 cents in every $100 of the state economy, with $825 million in wages and salaries paid, contributing $1.5 billion annualy toward Queensland’s gross state product. Members directly support 1,516 businesses across the length and breadth of Queensland as part of all operations.