Waste, Recycling industry Queensland (WRIQ)

WRIQ is the premier industry association in Queensland, representing more than 90 Queensland-based organisations ranging from large multi-national organisations through to small family-operated enterprises.

WRIQ engages and advocates with its stakeholders in a wide range of legislative and regulatory issues, which members have identified issues impacting the industry.

Queensland’s waste management and secondary resources (including recycling) industry, provides essential infrastructure and services, as demonstrated by the efficient manner in which wastes are safely collected and treated, thus safeguarding public and environmental health. The sector also recovers valuable secondary resources generated during extraction and manufacturing processes and those later discarded by society, therefore driving a circular economy and directly contributing to the economic growth of the State.

Visit: www.wriq.com.au


Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF)

QFF is the united voice of agriculture in Queensland. We engage in a broad range of economic, social, environmental and regional issues of strategic importance to the productivity, sustainability and growth of the agricultural sector. Our mission is to secure a strong and sustainable future for Queensland farmers by representing the common interests of our member organisations.

For more than 30 years, QFF has earned a formidable reputation as a leader in sectoral policy development and driving change to improve the operating environment for Queensland’s farmers. Recognised as a non-partisan organisation that works effectively with all levels and sides of government, QFF is widely acknowledged as one of the most influential and respected advocacy groups in Queensland. Currently uniting 21 peak state, national and regional agriculture industry organisations and the state’s irrigation groups, the federation collectively represents the majority of farmers in the state.

Visit: www.qff.org.au


Australian Industrial Ecology Network (AIEN)

AIEN is a vibrant network of like-minded individuals, companies, and institutions with a common interest in sustainable development through the study and practice of industrial ecology.

We advocate the principles and concepts of industrial ecology (IE) in policy formation and business practice. The AIEN actively engages with organisations to facilitate improved performance and environmental benefit.

AIEN acts as a catalyst in facilitating the collaboration of industrial ecology solutions that addresses the gaps in Australia’s current fragmented and uncoordinated approach. AIEN aims to bring industry, government, and community stakeholders together to capitalise on IE opportunities and resolve emerging issues with coordinated solutions.

Visit: www.aien.com.au