Waste Management Review [6 July 2018]

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Achieving greater diversion in QLD: Future Waste Resources 2018

This year’s Future Waste Resources 2018 will provide critical information about how Queensland can achieve its waste diversion and recycling targets, writes Rick Ralph, Chief Executive Officer Waste and Recycling Industry Queensland.

Queensland’s waste management and recycling industry has an essential services and utility role. This critical role ensures the community responsibly achieves its environmental obligations and delivers ongoing business aspirations.

It is beholden upon the sector to lead and present solutions and demonstrate ideas for change to all its stakeholders. In doing so, companies can be confident their investments will be secure and that they remain sustainable in all their operations.

Providing this leadership also demonstrates the sector is growing and remains fiscally strong, especially as government policy environments coupled with technological advancements have the potential to foster significant disruption in so many secondary and other markets.

Over the past 18 months, a perfect storm of negative waste and recycling media, coupled with other international measures have undermined many stakeholders confidence in Queensland’s waste and recycling performance.

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