Diamond Partner

Container Exchange (COEX) is the proud custodian of the Queensland Government’s Container Refund Scheme (CRS) Containers for Change.

Containers for Change aims to increase recycling rates and reduce litter by allowing Queenslanders to exchange eligible drink containers for a 10-cent refund.

The Scheme was introduced in late 2018 in a bi-partisan effort to tackle high levels of beverage container litter and low recycling rates. At the time beverage containers were Queensland’s second most-littered item after cigarette butts.

COEX is a not-for-profit that operates via a product responsibility and stewardship model.  An extended producer responsibility model sees accountability for recycling placed on the producers of products.

As the Product Responsibility Organisation (PRO) behind Containers for Change, COEX is responsible for implementing logistics and ensuring the Scheme fulfils its responsibilities.

The organisation drives the Scheme objectives of reducing beverage container litter, increasing recycling efforts and working to provide benefits to social enterprises and community groups.

Another key focus for COEX is increasing participation within Queensland’s circular economy.

Strategic partnerships with Enviro Sand and the Department of Transport Main Roads have delivered compelling examples of recycling’s circular economy at work.

A Direct Sales Agreement with Enviro Sand has facilitated the conversion of Scheme glass into sand substitute products with a range of practical applications in pool filters, sand blasting and building materials such as kitchen benches.

More than 200 tons of local crushed Scheme glass was used in the construction of a 1.2 kilometre road upgrade in North Queensland as a result of a partnership with the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads.

w: www.containersforchange.com.au/qld/


Government Partner

The Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning, Queensland Government

We’re working to grow new and emerging priority industries such as resource recovery, biofuels, bioenergy, bioplastics and hydrogen to create a strong and resilient Queensland economy that supports thriving regions and jobs for all, now and into the future.

Each of these sectors is supported with a strategy or 10-year roadmap and action plan, that helps to:

  • support innovation
  • facilitate private sector investment
  • ensure an effective policy framework
  • drive industry development initiatives
  • build community awareness and confidence
  • identify and facilitate skills development requirements.

The Queensland Government is supporting many of the state’s success stories including:

  • Envorinex Pty Ltd, Toowoomba, receiving $1.3 million to establish a waste plastic recovery, processing and remanufacturing operation to process rigid plastics from agriculture, aquaculture and horticulture industries, through the Resource Recovery Industry Development Program.
  • Gevo Pty Ltd, working with QUT to turn Queensland sugar cane waste and wood into sustainable jet fuel, supported by $159,000 grant from the Waste to Biofutures Fund.
  • BOC, are creating end-to-end renewable hydrogen at its Bulwer Island Facility in Brisbane, supplying to industrial customers and the first hydrogen vehicle refuelling station in Queensland,  supported through the Hydrogen Industry Development Program.

We’re proud to support innovative businesses turning trash into treasure and creating jobs for Queenslanders.

w: www.statedevelopment.qld.gov.au/priorityindustries


Sapphire Sponsor

Bunnings is the leading retailer of home improvement and outdoor living products in Australia and New Zealand and a major supplier to builders, tradespeople, the housing industry and commercial businesses through Bunnings Trade.

Bunnings Trade and Queensland Farmers Federation are delighted to announce a strategic partnership which gives you the opportunity to join PowerPass! Bunnings PowerPass is a free commercial account designed to make life easier for trade and commercial customers, giving you access to customised pricing, offers on a wide range of quality brands and flexible fulfilment solutions, backed by a national network of stores, and extended opening hours.

w: www.bunnings.com.au/trade


Conference Dinner Sponsor

The Queensland Government’s #eatqld campaign, along with its #eatqld champions, encourages the community to eat local, stay healthy and support jobs in the state’s agricultural sector.

Queensland’s produce is second to none. By eating locally produced meat, dairy, seafood, fruit, nuts and veggies you support Queensland farmers and everybody that brings that food to your table while staying healthy.

When you explore and enjoy Queensland’s home-grown produce, be sure to take a photograph, share it online and use the hashtag #eatqld to spread the word about the diverse range of fresh produce on offer and the world of flavour from the state of delicious.

w: www.daf.qld.gov.au/eatqld


Networking Function Sponsor

Strong and durable, DOLAV’s products are recognised worldwide as the premier solution for storage, transport, warehousing and goods handling. The recycling industry is known for its intense and damaging use of box pallets for transporting products. This demanding industry needs high impact resistance boxes which make DOLAV’s boxes ideal for this market. DOLAV’s boxes can be successfully used to transport batteries, electrical appliances, metal parts and glass fragments, food waste, recycled materials and much more.

w: www.dolav.com

Ruby Sponsors

Kennedy’s continues to strive towards being the most respected supplier of premier Australian recycled and eco sustainable hardwoods. With an impressive history of signature projects, our timbers are in high demand across the commercial and residential building industry. The ultimate renewable resource, timber is a natural alternative to conventional building products and Kennedy’s provide the full spectrum of design possibilities.

w: www.kennedystimbers.com.au

MRA is one of Australia’s leading environmental consultancy firms, specialising in all aspects of waste and recycling. We are experts in waste, resource recovery and technology, planning, organics, carbon and sustainable development.

MRA has been continuously recognised by Inside Waste readers in the annual Inside Waste Consultants Review since 2013.

w: www.mraconsulting.com.au


Cleanaway is Australia’s leading total waste management, industrial, environmental and health services company. Our mission is to make a sustainable future possible, driven by the philosophy that all waste is a resource. We are committed to the safe and responsible management of waste, regulatory compliance and environmental sustainability.

w: www.cleanaway.com.au



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Hitachi Construction Machinery (Australia) Pty Ltd (HCA) is the exclusive distributor of Hitachi and Bell products in Australia. Committed to delivering machinery sales and support to Australian customers across the mining, construction, quarry, material handling and waste/recycling industries through a wholly-owned national branch network and 24/7 customer support centre.

w: www.hitachicm.com.au



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BMI Group is a leader in Waste Management for Resource Recovery, Landfilling and Remediation and the operation of Transfer Stations across the Brisbane, Ipswich and Gold Coast regions.

We have extensive experience across a range of waste management practices and waste streams and remain committed to providing sustainable practices, innovative solutions and continual improvements in recovery, recycling and reuse.

w: www.bmigroup.com.au