Your Invitation to Partner with FWR 2018

On behalf of the Waste, Recycling Industry Association of Queensland (WRIQ), I take great pleasure in inviting you to partner with the industry for FWR 2018 – Future Waste Resources Convention.

FWR 2018 will take place from Thursday 11 to Saturday 13 October 2018 at The Workshops Rail Museum in Ipswich.

This timely and important event will feature an impressive line-up of local and international keynote speakers and industry experts. They will present practical insights and outcomes that articulate how Queensland can deliver a new business environment focussed on achieving a ‘circular economy’ in secondary resource management.

This event will showcase and discuss ideas from industry, local councils and state government that address Chinese National Sword implications and legislation changes, including new and increasing levies and more sustainable and efficient ways of managing our waste to achieve higher resource recovery rates.

FWR 2018 will focus on the solutions to current challenges by presenting case studies and technology that is being utilised now as well as an insight into what the industry, including waste service providers, local and state government need to be considering with their future plans.

The Convention agenda will ensure that investment decisions made by industry, local and state government in infrastructure, education and services are well informed. A strong and secure sector that is growing to meet the community’s needs will generate more employment opportunities, respond well to changes in markets and legislation and ultimately deliver high quality sustainable services to end users of waste management services.

Day 1 will feature international keynote speakers who will showcase their experiences with programs designed to deliver challenging waste strategy targets. This will be followed by Australian waste industry leaders presenting on the bio-economy, infrastructure design and construction and production and packaging solutions. Day 2 will have a focus on engineering solutions, including waste to energy, plant and equipment technology, including vehicle systems and other data and innovation solutions.

Day Three, Saturday 13 October, will be a community open day inviting the public to visit trade exhibits, learn about and experience waste management and build the rapport between the waste industry and its customers. The day will see the industry demonstrating its capability in delivering innovative solutions for future resource recovery.

FWR 2018 will provide the ideal setting for all organisations, business, government and not for profits to raise their profile, network with new and existing clients and demonstrate their commitment to the developing Queensland waste and recycling industry and Australia’s waste management future.

I look forward to seeing you Ipswich.

Rick Ralph
Chief Executive Officer