Your Invitation to Partner with FWR 2021

On behalf of the Waste Recycling Industry Association Queensland (WRIQ), Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF), and the Australian Industrial Ecology Network (AIEN) we take great pleasure in inviting you to partner with us for Future Waste Resources 2021

Our 2021 Convention, themed Optimism and Collaboration for Resource Recovery in Queensland will focus upon and showcase real and practical solutions for managing secondary resources and value adding these important materials as Australia begins to rethink our own sovereign capabilities in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic.

This unique conference bringing together the resource recovery industry, manufacturing and primary producers will include specialist presenters and suppliers outlining real challenges, successes, and case studies, as well as present technologies currently in use. It will provide insights into what industry and the farming community are already achieving in terms of waste diversion and value-adding to secondary resources.

The program will ensure investment decisions made by industry, government, and waste generators, including primary producers, are informed as to the options available, supporting business confidence.
The Convention will also feature networking, social events and activities and will be a forum to launch key programs and initiatives by industry, Local, State and Federal Government.

Commencing on Monday 1 March at 3pm, the Convention will feature an opening by the Federal Government Department of Environment and Agriculture and their State Government counterparts on critical updates, including the COAG export bans and emerging policy. A Q&A session with Minister Trevor Evans will precede the opening networking event.

Sessions on Tuesday 2 March will commence with a keynote from the Queensland Government. The conference will have a broad exploration on COVID-19 and Disaster Management: Challenges and opportunities. We will explore the complex planning framework challenges facing both industry and primary producers in regards to citing critical resource recovery infrastructure with desirable solutions for change.

A discussion on where Queensland businesses are making investments for increasing its resource recovery performance and where these are working will provide insight into expansion across the State and will be followed by specific stream presentations on energy, plastics/agricultural plastics, organics and emerging waste streams.

The final day, Wednesday 3 March, will commence with a high profile keynote, before focusing on Energy (Queensland technologies and specific regulations), a detailed exploration of the COAG Export Bans in the Queensland context, and examine social license, private equity, capital and insurance challenges for our sector.

FWR provides the ideal setting for all organisation’s, Government and businesses to come together to discuss challenges and opportunities as Australia and world communities respond to the impacts of a modern health pandemic on our economic, environment and social wellbeing.

FWR 2021 will also showcase resource recovery achievements across the waste management, manufacturing and agricultural sectors and offer networking opportunities across these critical pillar industry sectors, facilitating further collaboration and discuss with optimism opportunities for managing our wastes locally whilst generating new jobs and investments.

We look forward to you welcoming you to FWR 2021.

Mark Smith
Chief Executive Officer
Waste, Recycling Industry Association
Dr Georgina Davis
Chief Executive Officer
Queensland Farmers’ Federation
Colin Barker
Australian Industrial Ecology Network