Government Partner

The Department of Environment and Science recognises the enormous value a clean environment, innovative society and economy, and vibrant culture makes to our lives. As a diverse organisation, the department brings together the following key areas of work to achieve our objectives for a better Queensland.


  • protecting and managing our parks, forests and the Great Barrier Reef for current and future generations
  • enhancing Queensland’s ecosystems
  • protecting significant heritage places
  • avoiding, minimising and mitigating impacts to the environment.


  • leading the development of science strategy for government
  • delivering scientific expertise to protect and manage our environment and natural resource base
  • supporting the development of Queensland’s science sector.


  • fostering a community of the arts and facilitating growth of the arts and cultural sector
  • supporting arts and cultural growth through partnerships, programs and events
  • investing in all levels of the arts and cultural sector
  • growing Queensland’s cultural reputation and cultural tourism offering.



Principal Partner

For generations, Ipswich has been a significant driver of Queensland’s economic prosperity.

Once it was mining, farming, rail transport, manufacturing and heavy industry that fed the region’s economy and employed locals. Today, traditional industries are in advanced transition as digital technology, dynamic markets and sustainable practices push innovation and improvement.

Ipswich businesses are leading this progress across many sectors including defence, advanced manufacturing, biofutures and resource recovery, transport and logistics, construction and health.

Council has an active role in influencing positive economic and workforce outcomes amid this extraordinary progress. A focus on skills development, priority industries, employment growth, export value, innovation, advocacy and collaboration is key.

Our city is one of the fastest growing regions in Australia. As we embrace and harness this growth, we are making the most of every opportunity. We are honing in on tomorrow’s jobs that match our can-do spirit, skills and strengths. We are making sure our connections are stronger than ever — with one another, with our neighbours and with the world.

We invite you to be part of the solution as we propel towards future economic and social prosperity. Together, we are turning ideas into action to become Australia’s most progressive, smart and connected city – a city towards zero waste.



Emerald Partner

REMONDIS stands for service excellence. As one of the world’s leading water and environmental management organisations, REMONDIS Australia is dedicated to providing reliable and innovative solutions to its customers in commercial, industrial, municipal, construction and other markets. By developing solutions around identified needs, REMONDIS Australia is able to help its customers achieve the safety, cost reduction and diversion of waste from landfill objectives which are paramount to strong organisational performance.


Sapphire Sponsor

Our world is ever-changing – and with it, comes growing pains. A growing population means we’re using more resources and leaving a bigger footprint on the environment.

Finding new ways to make better use of our natural resources isn’t easy, but we’re up to the task. For over 150 years, SUEZ has led the way in delivering smart and sustainable resource management solutions for businesses, governments and communities.

Whether its treating and re-using wastewater or generating renewable energy from waste, our experts are embracing the power of innovation to lead the resource revolution and find more sustainable ways of living.



Ruby Sponsor

J.J. Richards & Sons, Australia’s largest privately owned waste management company has been proudly providing total waste management solutions throughout Australia for 86 years. We offer our customers a reliable and comprehensive range of best practice and environmentally compliant Total Waste Management Solutions that ensure all of their waste management needs are catered for.



Coffee Cart Sponsor

Cleanaway is Australia’s leading total waste management, industrial, environmental and health services company.  Our mission is to make a sustainable future possible. Driven by the philosophy that all waste is a resource, we are committed to creating solutions that deliver benefits for our customers and the community for generations to come.



Lanyards Sponsor

Broadspectrum contributes to the creation of a circular economy by enhancing the range of solutions available across the entire waste process chain to deliver more sustainable outcomes. Backed by Ferrovial Services, which manages more than 150 waste treatment facilities across Europe, Broadspectrum’s local workforce of 10,000 people provides essential services to communities across Australia.


Stream Sponsors

The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) is the agency charged by government to make all packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. APCO works closely with government and industry to develop a range of sustainable design, recycling and waste to landfill reduction projects. A leading product stewardship organisation with strong national and global networks, APCO is committed to reducing the environmental impact of packaging and building a circular economy.


EDL is a leading global generator of sustainable distributed energy. It owns and operates a portfolio of 985MW of power generation facilities in Australia, North America and Europe, in clean and remote energy. The company is a market leader in its sectors, providing customers with safe, innovative and reliable energy solutions for over 25 years.


Mandalay Technologies has been providing intelligent solutions to the waste and quarry industries for over 20 years. Our solutions are tailored to the unique needs of these industries, and are designed to meet business, IT, environmental legislation, and accounting needs. Mandalay’s software is a highly-refined product and regular releases are based on industry requirements, ensuring the solution adapts to changing client and industry needs.


Container Exchange (CoEx) was appointed by the Queensland Government to operate the Container Refund Scheme – Containers for Change, which commences on 1 November 2018. Containers for Change is aimed at reducing beverage container litter and increasing recycling rates across Queensland by refunding 10 cents for each eligible containers returned.



Convention Supporters

Ricardo is an internationally renowned multidisciplinary consultancy with over 3,500 employees based in 40 offices across the world (including our newly established Australian office), with world-leading environmental expertise that cover the fields of waste and resource efficiency; air, water and land quality; sustainable transport; energy and climate change; economics; cities and infrastructure development; and data and information management. We have over 500 technical and scientific staff, including many experts recognised in their disciplines, and 40 years’ consulting experience with a distinguished track record of delivering operational, infrastructure, procurement and due diligence services and policy/strategy advice to central and local government, the European Commission, multinational corporations and a wide range of major public and private sector organisations.


The National Waste and Recycling Industry Council (NWRIC) acts as the industry’s national policy setting body. Its core activity is to proactively engage with all of the industry’s key stakeholders to promote solutions to the regulatory challenges facing the sector. While the Council is a national body, it also works pro-actively with Affiliates, which represent the interests of the industry at a State level. Through collective action, the Council and its State-based partners form a network representing the industry Australia wide.



Media Partner

Waste Management Review is a monthly magazine which provides comprehensive coverage of the waste management, resource recovery and recycling industry. It is circulated to more than 6000 in print and up to 10,000 online involved in local, state and federal government, waste service providers, consultants and waste generators across the manufacturing, retail, education, medical and construction and demolition sectors.